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SLL Privacy Policy

-SLL will not share your email address with any third party, nor will we provide any information (email address, demographic information, contact information) to marketing companies.

-SLL will not send unsolicited marketing emails to users.

-SLL does not track users’ behavior or Web activity outside of SLL using cookies or any other technology.

-SLL does track some aspects of user’s behavior, including: username and password, progress through the individual SLL cases, user preferences, demographic data, and certificate redemption records. All of these data are kept on a secure database accessible only to the administrators of SLL.

-Any data analysis conducted by SLL’s administrators on the information collected in this tool will be conducted in aggregate. Individual data will not be subject to analysis as a discrete data set.

-SLL takes its obligation to protect user information seriously. All confidential information provided as part of taking part in SLL will be used for the purpose for which it was collected, both by SLL and by business partners necessary for processing payment and registering CME.

-SLL complies with the industry-standard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards to ensure that your payment information remains confidential and secure.

-To learn more about these privacy and security standards, contact